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1915 - 1947

Creation of Cutlery DAVID

Anna David who lost her husband during the war, decided to associate herself with his brother in law and found the Peylaire David Society for manufacturing knives A through Z.

This initiative was quite modern for the time.

Indeed Manufactures cutlery employ workers, who are working generally at home, each specialized in mounting or polishing knives.

Admittedly, at first, the workshop is made up of many little things:

  • A great millstone to grind the blades.
  • A small bench for mounting the knives.
  • Some molds used in a hot forming the horn for knife handles.

But the adventure is launched...

1947 - 1971

New Society David Brothers  & Co

In 1947 his two sons, Roger and Maurice, returning from Germany where they were taken prisoner, will take over the company.
This association will give a tremendous boost to the company.
This will become one of the most important in the folding knife called "pocket" ??.

The factory lies in the village of Lombard.

All the families of this village are involved in the development of the factory, and in 1950 more than fifty people work there.
In the 1960s, with the decolonization, many markets will disappear. Knives "cheap" do not attract customers anymore.

1971 - 2003

Creation of the brand Robert David

Robert, Maurice’s son, took over the Family deal to create the eponymous brand.

His credo, follow the market’s innovation and adapt the product to it.

He is the first who brings new materials, such as olive wood and stamina, for the Laguiole’s sleeves, these was traditionally in pressed horn or rosewood.

He sees the enthusiasm of the public for the Laguiole knife, and opened his first shop in 1983 in THIERS.

He does not hesitate to create new derivative forms of Laguiole, as Lag Lock the Folder Lag and Lag Liner and make them in Japan, which had the best technology.

In the late 1990s, the LAGUIOLE market, main business of Robert David cutlery, s' get out of steam.

With the creation of the knife Le Thiers, including Robert David with some companions, and providing another new knife Le Select ', he decided to focus on local manufacturing.

But we must restructure the company. He decided to pass the baton to his daughter Caroline and her husband Stéphane BROSSARD.



In order to increase their business two observations are necessary:

- First: the high demand for custom knives, designing his knife and wanting to make it.

- Second: the need to reassure consumers about the provenance and the quality of the knives he buys.

To respond to these needs, they decided to move the manufacturing workshop in the heart of Thiers to be closer to the consumers.

They shall adjust a large shop "The Manufac'Thiers", adjacent to the factory, in order that the customers can see the design of their knife and ask customizing it.

To improve understanding of the different steps necessary to achieve a knife, they put at the disposal of visitors, a movie, and the opportunity to participate in a personal demonstration by a master cutler.

A century of know-how and tradition we guarantee you quality knivew.

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